About Us

We are not like other boat companies. We are a tight crew who love the open water. We are united in making dreams come true. We started small, on an old dock, with a wild idea to build boats beyond expectations.
From that humble beginning, Sunquest blossomed into something remarkable. We assembled a team of innovative minds, skilled craftsmen, and meticulous individuals. Our reputation was swiftly established for our distinct approach to boat building.
Now, we make unique boats you can sail away on. Our designs combine advanced engineering with beautiful looks. Our studio is where unconventional ideas become realities.
Our power and inflatable boats are designed and made here in Australia, with everything built to satisfy stringent Australian Standards through a thorough Quality Assurance Process.
However, our commitment extends beyond craftsmanship. We hold the waters in high regard, striving to preserve and safeguard them. Our boats are crafted using sustainable materials and propelled by eco-friendly means. Our guiding principle is to construct vessels that harmonise with nature.
When you choose Sunquest, you’re not just acquiring a boat but embarking on a voyage of discovery and imagination. You’re defying the mundane. You’re awakening your adventurous spirit to heed the call of the open waters, beckoning you to dive deep.

Sunquest ECO Electric Outboards

We can mix and match all accessories, to make your boat truly individual.